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Mobile Game / DJ Truck

Our Game Responce Unit AKA The Truck is going to revolutionize your birthday parties and events for years to come. We take the technology that children from 5 to 75 crave and put it into a multiplayer utopia capable of turning an ordinary celebration into a memorable event. Not to mention you can't have a game truck without having VR devices.

Why book us over the competition?

Well unlike our cometition we really do have a game truck not just some trailer that you tow behind a truck leaving it hard to get in and out of any area. With us we are still limited to some places but over all we can setup just about anywhere and in alot of places those others cant. We are self powered but can also run on a regular power outlet giving you a clean quiet gaming experaince. Now what also set us apart is we really are a party in a box lol kinda funny I know but really we are . We have a full on DJ package and Gaming package you can do one or the other or do both. So you get the dj to get your guest pumping and moving and you get the gaming to give everyone else something to do that dont like to dance.