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Posted by Elite Events Entertainment on Saturday, May 26, 2018

Music Bingo at 3rd street station in Jackson with DJ Frosty

Posted by Elite Events Entertainment on Thursday, May 31, 2018
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Extreme Bingo combines two favorite pastimes together into one, high energy and is quite frankly ADDICTIVE. Take the edge-of-your-seat element of

Bingo and add to that a “name that tune” and you are half way to understanding what Extreme Bingo is all about. We have brought together two elements people know, love and have been playing for years to produce a program that is fresh, exciting and creative. And above all else EVERYONE will be talking about it!
The program works in a simple fashion whereby each player is presented with a Bingo card containing a list of songs and artists. We play the songs and if they can match what they think they are hearing to a name on the card then it is marked off. Get a house or line and its BINGO…..but MUSIC BINGO! Have your players pondering “Is this ‘I Wanna Hold Your Hand’ or ‘She Loves You’?”, have them debating over artists and above all else give them a much more interactive music trivia experience than simply handing them a pen and paper and playing a few tracks.

As a Trivia host, the joy of the Extreme Music Bingo is unreal. When one of our players claims to have a bingo we simply punch in the card ID and the system will tell you if we have a winner. A correct claim? Fireworks will shoot and a vivid display will mark the end of the session. A false bingo? The session goes on. Either way, you are ready to play again making Extreme Music Bingo a fun, fast and edge of the seat experience. You can even keep the session going on to award 2nd and 3rd place prizes….as many as you like!

In fact, it is the ease of set up that will make it even more appealing to you as a customer.  Hassle free Bingo event leaving you the store owner to concentrate on making a fun night.

If you want EXTREME fun, EXTREME innovation and EXTREME profitability, then add EXTREME Music Bingo to your Trivia night and make your event the best in town!