It is completely okay to admit that you are scared or apprehensive when you have to hire a DJ. I mean think about it. These words alone can strike fear into ANY partygoer:

The Chicken Dance
The Macarena
Hokey Pokey
Jazz Music

I do have some good news, the only way those songs are getting played is if you request them! We know what it takes to make a party and we know how to make your event a COMPLETE success! We will rock your event or wedding party with music that exudes good taste and fits your style. 

Do you want a swingin' 20's, 30's or 40's flair, we can take you on a musical trip that'll have you "In The Mood" with some Glen Miller Big Band Bang! Looking for that Motown Sound? Get ready because you'll be saying "I Can't Get Next To You" to your partner on the packed dancefloor when The Temptations drop. Looking for some 'Awesome 80s? Michael Jackson is guaranteed to make you "Wanna Be Startin’ Something." Does a '90s theme suit you? Salt-n-Pepa will "Push It" real good. More modern you say? Let's get "Happy" with Pharrell. 

Of course, there might be an occasion for Bon Jovi, Def Leppard,  Poison, and the B-52s. It can and will happen. Sometimes, even though you try, you just can't deny it. And if that's what you want, that's completely OK with us. That music is kept in a vault labeled AWESOME!

Most importantly, Elite Events Entertainment is all about spinning the music that YOU want to hear. We specialize in customized playlists and coordination, and we can even play live acoustic music for your ceremony. By the time we get to your event or wedding, we'll already have your favorite music cued up. And by the time we leave, we'll probably be best friends forever...

And now on a serious note. We all know that planning an event can be a daunting task. We have the experience to help make that planning less tedious. Also, some of you have been to an event that was B-O-R-I-N-G.... And I am talking Ben Stein - Ferris Bueller Day Off - "Bueller, Bueller" boring. That's not us. That's just not who we are. If you have a DJ that is completely okay with not providing "The Atmosphere" and "The Experience" then you have the wrong DJ. As a DJ we are put in charge of giving people "An Experience." Think about it. If we fail at our jobs, your event doesn't live on past the time frame of the party. But if we DO OUR JOBS properly, your event will last throughout the years. That is what we SHOULD be about - Giving people what they aren't used to seeing. 

We create this atmosphere by doing events. We begin to develop a formula "that works" for us. Is the formula that YOUR DJ has developed the right formula to keep your people INVOLVED? For your memories, I hope they have...

We have DJ'd 

Just a little side note, as a company. we have over 3,000 weddings under our belts with thousands of other types of events performed from Trivia in locations across the Southeast, birthday parties, anniversaries, homegoing celebrations, just to name a few...

Past Events We have covered

Kid Rock after party at Hooters of Gwinnett
Car show DJ and MC 
Provided Sound and Lighting for the Bikini contests for the metro Atlanta Store Hooters 
NASCAR parties in our accounts as well as private events 
Birthday party for Hooters Vice President 
St. Patrick’s day parties for multiple locations throughout the years
Anniversary parties for our accounts 
Themed DJ Events - Disco nights, 80's only, 90’s only, oldies sock hops, and Hip Hop/ R&B 
Metro Atlanta Realtors award Ceremony and Banquet 
Harley Davidson of Clayton County 
National Night out for Henry County 
March of Dimes – Henry County, Clayton County
Susan G. Comen for the Cure fundraisers 
MDA Lockups
United Mitochondrial Disease Walk

Just a few clients

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