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Quick Bit From Us

Hey guys, just taking a moment here to talk to you about hiring a DJ. 

Your objective as the planner of your event, is to make sure that your guests and you have an experience that lasts a lifetime. The choice you make in the entertainment, especially when considering a DJ, is extremely important. Whoever you choose to be the source of entertainment, especially at your wedding, will have a greater impact of effect than almost any other aspect of your big day. They say that the entertainment that you choose is responsible for 80% of the event’s success. Let that sink in for a moment. Think about a time where a DJ was playing and you were in attendance. It could have been a wedding, a birthday party, or even at a club. Now think about a song that was played that made you think, “what was that DJ thinking?” or “God, this DJ talks to much, that WAS my favorite song he talked all over.” 

One thing I absolutely cannot stand is when I go to a party and the DJ is talking constantly on the microphone. It really is disappointing to see a DJ put himself above his clients and their guests. With Elite Events Atlanta we know how to have a great time without having to be Cheesy or overbearing on the microphone. We have the ability to really ready a crowd to see gauge what they are wanting to hear. It takes someone who is past the play it loud and play it fast and hopefully they dance to really keep a party going the ENTIRE time. That takes talent. 

Something I cannot stand to see is a DJ that has no effects. As a DJ it is our job to create "The Atmosphere" of a party. Could you imagine going to a club with NO lighting other than the main lights? NOPE, me neither. Sometimes we have to take the plunge and invest in our business to make sure our clients are getting the best. Trust me, I have been there as a struggling DJ and wanted this and wanted that, but just wasn't there yet. But if you don't invest in your business, how can you expect people to invest their money and trust in you?

Elite Events Entertainment has put the time in and paid our dues in this business and we truly do care about giving our best and creating an event that last beyond the timeframe of the event. It is our job, and it is our duty to make you sure you have memories of your special event.. 

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