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What is Team Styled Trivia?   

Team Styled Trivia is a team game that is a proven night builder for any establishment. Unlike karaoke where only certain people participate, trivia is a game that gets everyone involved. We can tailor the show to meet your needs or particular format. Typically you can expect between ten to twenty teams for these shows. Teams usually have three to 10 people on them. 

How does it work?

Based upon your request, the show can follow any of the formats we offer, but typically, the show consists of twenty questions and one bonus question. We play a song in between each question and the teams must have their answers turned in by the end of the song. The teams accumulate points during the game that they will gamble at the end kind of like Jeopardy. There are several events that we do during the games that allow the teams to gain more points. These extra points are earned for any number of things; most creative team name, sing alongs, dancing…etc… The shows last between one and a half to three hours. 

What do you supply  

As the host restaurant or bar you will supply the prizes. Prizes usually consist of a gift certificate that can be used only in your account and not on the night they are won. This gets the winners back into the accounts. Some places offer cash prizes. The most common denominations given out are fifty dollars for first, twenty dollars for second, and ten dollars for third, cash or gift certificate. We can supply the certificates, but you will have to honor them. They hold no cash value, and can only be used for merchandise or food, and not for tips. Also, these prizes can not be used on the night they are won, so the teams have to come back. What we supply We supply all supplies for the shows. Answer sheets, pens, and answer pads. In addition we will advertise your event on our website which averages over 1000 hits per week. And your company will be listed on our answer sheets that every team sees every night we have a show. 

What types of shows can be performed? 

General Trivia 
Sports Trivia 
Time specific Trivia 
Movie Trivia 
Music Trivia
NASCAR Trivia 
Kids Trivia 
Or you can give us a topic and we will put a show together for you.